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Home Articles The Death [and rebirth] of Godflesh

The Death [and rebirth] of Godflesh

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Godflesh, a band founded by Justin Broadrick, a founding member of Napalm Death, and whose slow, tribal grindcore bridged the gap between industrial and metal, has come to an end. As Broadrick prepared to board a plane to begin a US tour supporting their recent release Hymns, he suffered a bit of a mental meltdown and dissolved the band, which he had only recently reformed with Ted Parsons and Paul Raven, two thirds of Prong, another inimitable and ridiculously underrated
band. Broadrick had this to say about the break-up in a recent posting to

“On April 10th 2002, I disbanded Godflesh. This was something I had painfully been pondering since GC Greens’ departure from the band in Oct 2001. Regrettably it took until the day of leaving for a lengthy U.S tour for the realization to finally take its toll on me.

“Unfortunately the finality of the decision and the responsibilities of making the decision proved too much for me to bare, and I collapsed under the weight. I found that without GC Green, Godflesh is not Godflesh, and him leaving proved to be an omen for me. I also feel that everything we originally intended or even imagined with Godflesh we have done. My only regret has been the hurting of both remaining band members Ted Parsons and Paul Raven, and disappointing those that believe in Godflesh worldwide... In the near future, my new rock project Jesu will surface. So this is by no means the end of my songwriting/guitar/vocalizing. Simply the end of a chapter.

“Endless gratitude to all those that have believed in and supported Godflesh throughout the 14 year history. You know who you are... Long live the new flesh...”

To see Godflesh would have been a treat; but to see Godflesh with this new lineup would have been phenomenal. If you’re a music lover, and are curious about what we’ve just lost, check out Godflesh’s seminal Streetcleaner and Prong’s Beg to Differ. Note that there’re a slew of Godflesh albums available for download @ For a full bio and discography, check out or

A new Broadrick project is in the works - read for details.

[The new project ended up Jesu; interestingly, the title of the concluding track of Hymns, Godflesh's last album.]

2010 saw the return of Godflesh to the stage. At first the reunion, featuring Broadrick and Green and sundry machines in the lineup, was limited to Hellfest appearances in France ( However, Here're views from Roadburn, courtesty of YouTube submitters:

Does this portend a new Godflesh album? Here's the word from Broadrick, as reported by Decibel magazine (via

It's something we're discussing all the time, and I do have bits and pieces of material," he said. "But it's something we'd really like to develop. It'd be quite easy to knock out eight to 10 in-character songs and release it as quickly as possible to capitalize on the popularity of the group, but it would feel entirely wrong. If it's another two years until another Godflesh record, so be it. The most important thing is making a record that stands up with the rest of the back catalogue. I do have this in me again, though.

While you're holding your breath, Jesu's Ascension has been released on CD; 2x vinyl releases anticipated by the end of May.

Ascension cover

Stay up to date by following Broadrick on Twitter.

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